Zoe Quake: Sophomore Class Vice President

Hi Titans! My name is Zoe Quake, and I’m running to be your sophomore vice president. I’m running because I’m passionate about making our sophomore year productive, and a positive experience for every single person in the Class of 2020. I am confident that I can lead our class, and make sure our sophomore year lives up to its full potential. To improve the overall quality of our year, I will advocate creating additional events to promote bonding within our class, and showcase our spirit and talents during homecoming. In addition, I will fight for our voices and ideas to be heard and taken into account, especially regarding decisions that will affect us, and our future here at Gunn.

My capability of being a successful vice president is shown through my extensive experience in leadership positions. I have organized events, made and upheld a budget, and assisted with fundraisers. Through my leadership positions in my choir, at Terman, and elsewhere, I have learned how to listen to and give voice to the concerns of other people. I can work well with others, as well as assess situations and come up with effective strategies to implement. Many of my peers and past teachers consider responsibility to be one of my strongest suits, and I know that if elected, I have the privilege and responsibility of leading our class and helping make a positive impact on our school.

Learn more about Zoe by watching her candidate video here.

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