Spring sports race through the start of their season: Boys’ Lacrosse

Written by Sohini Ashoke

During the spring season of sports, boys’ lacrosse has been working hard towards their goals. One of the team captains, senior Mckinley Kalar, explains how boys’ lacrosse has been doing so far in their season, as well as their goals. “It’s been doing good; we had a little bit of a tough start, but we are working hard and having fun,” Kalar said. “This season we would like to do well in league, see if we can go into the playoffs and we want to see a lot of guys improve who are on the team.”

Kalar says the position of team captain has a lot of pressure, but also has its perks. “It’s got its upsides and downsides—a lot of responsibility, quite a bit of pressure—but you also get the respect of your teammates,” Kalar said. “You’re the person people go to if they are having any problems or need tips. You have a big part in running practices and getting organized.”

Senior Martin Lopez has been playing boys’ lacrosse for four years, and his mindset towards lacrosse has drastically changed since he began in his freshman year. “We definitely take it more seriously as a sport,” Lopez said. “My freshman year, no one really cared, whereas now we have a goal of winning and we like to win. We also like to improve, so we aren’t just playing it to get out of class—we are playing it because we love the sport.”

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