Staffers critique various protein supplements

By Aleks Tycz

Muscle Milk

The flavor was the worst thing about the Muscle Milk. The drink tasted nothing like the advertised “vanilla creme”, and instead took on the flavor of expired milk. The thick consistency also contributed to the bad-milk vibe. After finishing the bottle I saw no gain in muscle mass despite the 20 grams of protein and misleading product name.

Lucerne Protein Plus Milk

This drink was definitely the most bearable of the three. The milk had a smooth consistency and tasted close enough to vanilla. Despite passing in the flavor category, the nutritional faults of this drink are many. With the use of artificial sweeteners and extreme processing, your body won’t be benefiting from this product.

Orgain Organic Nutrition Complete Protein Shake

The Orgain shake was terrible. I’m not sure if the wet sand consistency or chalky taste was worse. You can taste the Organic-ness as you choke down the terrible USDA Certified liquid. If somehow you force yourself to ingest all 11 fluid ounces, you’ll be rewarded with 16 grams of protein.


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