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Arroyo Del Valle Sanitarium: Pleasanton

Written by: Paulo Frank

Children’s laughter fills the air in an open clearing in the woods. It seems like an ordinary evening at the YMCA’s Camp Arroyo until a ghost is sighted gliding through the trees.

What is now a mirthful youth camp used to be a holding facility for tuberculosis patients from 1918-60: the Arroyo Del Valle Sanitarium. Most of the old buildings have been re- moved to make room for the camp, but sinister legends from the days of the sanitarium remain. ere have been multiple

sightings of ghosts wandering the surrounding woods, one of which is rumored to be the deranged groundskeeper.

Legend has it that long ago, the groundskeeper of the sanitarium became crazy and went on a murderous rampage in the children’s ward before taking his own life. If you’re a superstitious person, you might want to think twice before sending your child into the clutches of this maniacal ghost.

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