How to Flex on ’em

By: Laurel Comiter


In order to fully immerse yourself in the hypebeast culture, you must know how to truly and unoriginally flex on ‘em. Whether it’s spending a ridiculous amount of money on sunglasses or a tee-shirt or referring to your Swatch watch as your “ice,” boosting your clout (swagger) is no joking matter. Follow these simple steps to become the best hypebeast you can be and flex on every hater you encounter.


Be extra.

Sometimes, the clothing isn’t enough. In order to be the best hypebeast out there, it is important to go above and beyond the competition. Don’t be afraid to take things to the next level. One way to boost your clout higher than the rest is to always play bad music. Armed with a fully charged iPhone, Beats Pill and the newest Lil Pump tracks, no hypebeast could ever out-hype you if you are constantly blasting jams. Do it in the halls, during Flex Time or in the middle of wellness yoga; there’s always a place for bad trap music.

Dress like every day is a contest.

Fashion is what you live for. Clothing is the most important thing and you make it clear to every- one. It doesn’t matter if your Supreme, Palace and Bape match; it only matters how much you are flexing them at a given time. When the new collection drops, make sure you’re the first in line to cop the freshest pieces.


Know your real from fake.

You know when someone’s “Supreme” is fake, and you’re not afraid to call them out. If you want to be a true hypebeast, you gotta be able to spot the real from the fake. And how would you know whether that swag- boost piece is fake? Either you already have it or you already tried to get it. And what to do when you spot a fake, you may ask? Let it fire you up inside. Channel your inner hypebeast and let them know you can see their dupe. Call them out in front of their friends, teachers, peers and families. Make sure they never fake flex again: not on your watch.

Fend off the haters.

As a hypebeast, you may receive some judgement from those who wish they were you. Posers are on the lookout left and right, searching for ways to drop your swag levels. Remind yourself to embody the best you you can be. Brush off all of their mean comments and simply remind yourself that they just don’t got it. And what’s it you ask? It’s just it. And they don’t got it.

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