Jessica Guzman: Dance Commissioner

The reason I decided to run is because I wanted to see why many students don’t go to dances. Mostly, the freshman go to all and years pass not many go anymore. As someone who loves dancing and socializing this is kinda sad that even I don’t. I thought to myself why don’t I go anymore. Well, I want a choice of theme because we have different themes, but students don’t choose. Maybe there could be a way like a survey to see what everyone would want. Another reason is water and they do sell water, but they are small. I would love to sell full sized ones because waiting for the fountain uses your time that you should be enjoying yourself. Also, I would love to have small snacks, because sometimes we want to snack on something when we are having fun. So I think about what I would want and I have talked to my friends about it. My big want is the water because we all know it can get hot in the gym. So, please vote for me if you want your voice heard. As a student myself I understand and I love talking to others. I am just bubbling to talk to my fellow classmates.

Other candidates running for Dance Commissioner: 

Clarissa Kam , Xuanyi Wang

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