Joshua Mei: Junior Class President

Dear Class of 2020, it’s been an absolute pleasure serving this wonderful grade as class president these past couple of years. I’m Josh Mei and I’m running to be your Junior Class President. I’ve been honored to be able to represent yourvoice and advocate for ideas benefitting you guys in SEC. Upon reflection, however, I realized just how limited I was in my outreach and how flawed my representation of your voice was. That’s why during this election season and, if you were to vote me into office, the upcoming school year I will make it my top priority to get to meet and hear the opinions of every single student in this amazingly talented and unique, 506-person class. I honestly think nothing in my job description matters more than representing your voice in SEC. Homecoming, rallies, class council, all that is secondary to the fact that you have a voice and you deserve to be heard. That doesn’t, however, mean that Homecoming is going to be ignored. Because trust me, every single competitive molecule in my body worked its tail off during this homecoming season and has already started to prepare for the next. I laughed with all of you during the Homecoming dress up days, cheered with all of you during Night Rally, and cried with all of you when it was over. I stand here with you today, with ears open wide and a heart loaded with empathy. All you need to do is speak up.

Other candidates running for Junior Class President:

Ashley Poon

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