Kate Williams: Sophomore Class Vice President

WilliamsK.jpgHi my name is Kate Williams and I am running for Sophomore Vice President. I believe that I am qualified for the job because I care about what goes on at this school. I am also on the board for the YCS-Interact club on campus. Being in this position has helped me to be a part of the planning that goes into school events. It has shown me that I want to do more for the school. I love the spirit that students have at Gunn. Seeing students passionately show what they are interested in has made me realize that I want to be apart of it. I want to ensure that everyone has the best experience they can while at Gunn. This includes making sure that everyone has an aspect about school that they enjoy. This is why if I get elected Vice President I will work directly with students to create more events. Having a movie night, bouncy houses to destress, giant bingo, and a music festival are some of the ideas that I have. These events would help students destress, help show their talents, and hang out with their friends. Gunn is filled with students talented in so many different ways. Each student should be given the chance to show off his/her talent. These events would give students this opportunity. I hope that you will vote for me to be your Sophomore Vice President.

Other candidates running for Sophomore Vice President: 

Charlize Chu

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