Kendrick You: Junior Class Vice President



What’s up! Kendrick here, running for your VP next year (again, yeah, I know), this time in a neat satin bow tie that only a few of you would have realized is pre-tied, and basically afake. But disregard the bow and I’ll promise there’s nothing fake about me, and when I’m done here I hope that you’ll feel the same as well. Backing up my case is multiple years of experience within debate camps (awards included) and even more in leadership, from your dinky second grade class rep, to your current class VP on SEC, to SPL in my Boy Scout troop, and topped off with a heap of public speaking and spirit to boot. As your Vice President this year I helped some new stuff to the table –Vineyard Vines fundraising and plans for a week-long music festival a la “Coachella” to name a couple–, and my already being on SEC gives me an edge in experience and knowledge over competition for the office. If elected again, my only promise is to further improve on what I’ve already accomplished with you, and if you’re in doubt, always remember: Your voice matters. You KEN make the difference!


Other candidates running for Junior Class Vice President:

Cynthia Dharmawan  , Daniel Chung , Cynthia Dharmawan

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