Marco Rayner: Sophomore Class President

I had the privilege to serve our great Class of 2021 as Freshman President, and hope to continue contributing to a great four years at Gunn as Sophomore Class President. We’ve already made a mark at Gunn with an awesome Freshman Homecoming float and air bands, as well as lots of fun activities like lunch contests and volunteer work like preparing for dances and cleaning up afterwards. One of the opportunities for improvement I’ve identified is in how transparent and welcoming Gunn is. From talking with a lot of Freshman, and from my own experience, I know how stressful it can be to have to parse the official language in the official course catalog and in School District explanations of different course paths, in rules for trying out for sports and so on.  As we all know, we end up asking one another and that adds to the confusion: ask eight students and you get ten opinions about prerequisites, course order, etc. I have started an impact project to remedy this with an informal, student-written guide to Gunn and hope you’ll vote for me so I can carry on that work and expand it into our sophomore year as Class President.

Other candidates running for Sophomore Class President: 

Rishee Gupta , Andrew Kim ,  Nikki Suzani , Suhani Sethi

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