Nikki Suzani: Sophomore Class President

SuzaniN.pngHello Titans! My name is Nikki Suzani and I’m running to be your sophomore class president! I’m qualified for this position because I love SEC and the student body and I’ve participated in student council for over 4 years. My mission as president would be to follow a four part plan to make the Gunn community better. First, create more fun activities and broadcast them to more people during homecoming week so we can win even more! This would include making sure we post more on the Gunn class of 2021 Instagram and making a Snapchat, so more people know what events we are offering. Second, understand the barriers between the administration and the students and break them. I’ve already started doing this by going to the school board to speak about humanities courses and talking to key figures about SELF, and I will continue to do so. Third, create new spirit days and fun activities, such as a movie night fundraiser, to motivate students to show our school pride. (And yell XXI with them!). Finally, never ever give up on any of the issues you want me to push for. As you know, I lost president last year, but I’m up here running again because I perservere through every challenge. I will never give up on our class, and will push for everything you want and more. Vote Nikki for Sophomore Class President!

Other candidates running for Sophomore Class President: 

Rishee Gupta , Andrew Kim ,  Marco Rayner , Suhani Sethi

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