Suhani Sethi: Sophomore Class President


My name is Suhani Sethi and I am running to be the Sophomore Class President for the class of 2021. A few things you should know about me are that I’m not afraid to start a conversation, I love to crack jokes even if I’m the only one laughing and I love it when people smile. My biggest goal for next year is to make sure everyone has a great time, in a safe and fun environment. Besides that, I want to see more student ideas and voices represented because it takes more than one person to change the lives of 2000 people. The way to achieving this is through unity as a grade and that is another one of my goals, making our grade closer. Let’s unite under a few ideas that I wish to propose. One of my many ideas is to set up hand sanitizer and air freshener in and around the bathrooms. I believe that this will help combat smell and unhygienic routines. I also want to provide food to all self classes because self is staying, so let’s make it more interesting. I hope that all of you come to me with any problems, ideas or even if you just wanna talk. I really hope that the class of 2021 puts their faith in me to lead them into a victo21ous year.

Other candidates running for Sophomore Class president: 


Rishee Gupta , Andrew Kim , Marco Rayner , Nikki Suzani


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