Sungbin Park: Student Body President

Last year I came to Gunn as an international student. My friends and family worried about my American school life. Some days were normal, but sometimes it was so difficult that I wanted to quit. However, I’ve been able to succeed using my second language to communicate.  From this experience, and from my experience as class president and treasurer of my middle school, I have learned that communication can change school life. I strongly believe that without effective communication, neither students nor teachers and counselors can fix problems.  In my English class, I’ve seen students that have trouble adjusting to life at an American high school. I promise to help them. I will establish an office to understand international students’ problems and communicate with them. I will survey their feelings and what more the school could do to help.  We have numerous clubs that I’ve been excited to join. However, I think communication isn’t as good as it could be. Students often misunderstand the time or room number of meetings. I would suggest that the school use social media or hang more posters on the walls to share information. I would like to plan a sports festival, but not just any sports festival. There will be a culture ceremony. Students can cheer for sports, but they can also learn cultures and traditions of others.  I will create a bridge between the international students and native students, and work to create a communicative environment and foster better understanding among diverse cultures.

Other candidates running for Student Body President:

Pauline Her

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