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Sophia Stern

Hidden gems: The garden

One of the best spots to hide away at Gunn is the garden, located right outside the K-2 classroom. The garden has benches and chairs and is enclosed with large sunflowers, making it the perfect spot to spend a prep period or get some work done.

The garden is maintained by the Organic Garden Club, which meets on Wednesday and is advised by Spanish teacher Liz Matchett. Additionally, Living Skills and Culinary Arts teacher Cindy Peters helps manage the garden and uses some of the crops as ingredients for dishes such as fresh salsa.

The main attraction of the garden, though, is by far the sunflowers, which tower over the rest of the plants. According to Peters, the sunflowers were planted over the summer and have grown into gi- ants since then. Originally, the Organic Garden Club was apprehensive about planting sunflowers due to concerns that animals would eat them, but they decided to do it anyway and are pleased with the results.

The garden provides a haven for peace and quiet. It’s rarely crowded, so it’s a perfect spot if you want to get away from other students and spend some time by yourself.

If you’re looking for a new place on campus to hide out or get some work done, be sure to check out this gem. It’s secluded, and the surroundings of sunflowers and other plants will definitely provide tranquility.

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