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By: Natasha Allen, guest columnist

Passion arises in the strangest of circumstances. It could come as a varsity sport or an indulgent piece of cake. My junior year, I found a passion in social and political activism.

When it comes to activism, finding a cause you wish to support is similar to choosing any other activity. It could be as local as promoting eco-friendly transportation in your community or as big as ending global warming. No matter your cause, identify it and channel your passion into it.

I discovered my passion for activism after learning more about the genocides that occur in today’s “progressive” society. I was initially shocked to hear of the raids occurring in Sudan and the extensive imprisonments in Burma. This shock disheartened me, but it gave me the awareness to say that I am not content with passively letting these genocides continue.

As with many things, breaking from the safety of ignorance and idleness is not easy.  As a Gunn student, I have Advanced Placement (AP) classes, sports, other extracurricular activities and somehow a social life. Consumed by the entropy of my own life, it wasn’t easy to find time to dedicate to something greater than my previous universe of obligation.

No matter what your cause, there are extensive avenues for you to explore.”

However, with a cause I was passionate about, I found myself actively reading current events and researching ways to make a difference as an individual in combating genocide. No matter what your cause, there are extensive avenues for you to explore. Some things may only take a minute, while others may take days. It ultimately comes down to how you choose to play your part as an active global citizen.

Our world is constantly changing, and it’s truly rewarding to be a part of that momentum. Many people forgo the chance to partake in a movement for many different reasons; however, if your reason is a lack of time, I strongly suggest you reconsider. With websites like, it only takes a few minutes to sign a petition. Whatever your interest, there’s always something that can be done and every action, big or small, is an act in the positive direction. Just remember, it’s not about being a hero or a savior, but rather being an active citizen and companion for those who need support.