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Prom: 99 problems and a relationship is one of them

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A night of elegance, memories and partying, promenade (yes that’s actually what prom stands for) is one of the most anticipated and popular events of the year. I’m going to focus on the single guy’s perspective here, because I can’t say that I had the most experience with relationships during the past couple years. But that doesn’t mean at all that us single guys can’t have a great time at prom with a great date.

Calendar reminder: prom is this Saturday. If you haven’t asked yet, then you are more than likely going solo or not going at all (both of which are perfectly acceptable choices). But if you are lucky enough to have a date to prom, then you have to confront the inevitable question: are you two in a relationship?

Good question. It’s completely reasonable to ask your friends if they are looking for a relationship, because we all love to watch a good love story and it’s especially heart-warming to see a relationship grow between friends. Prom is one of the largest social events of the year, so it carries extra pressure for people to ignite a new affair. But it’s their business, and their personal choice of who they want to be in a relationship with.

Now, the politically correct writer in me says that I should respect my friends’ space and let their relationship burgeon naturally. But the realistic side of me knows that I’m one of the worst gossip kings in the world and there’s nothing I like more than to be a matchmaker. My intentions are good: I want to see both of my friends in a happy relationship. And what better way to start that relationship than with the beauty and elegance of prom?

Unless you’re deep in the wasteland that is “the friendzone” or set on being single, prom is the perfect time to start a relationship. There’s a lot of time to get to know your date. Whether it’s laughing on the bus, talking at dinner, dancing or general partying, keep an open mind. There will be a higher likelihood of memorable moments, laughing and smiling.
But after prom, the relationship question will really start to come up in conversation. Everyone saw that intimate moment at prom, but no one saw anything more. The sweet smells of rumors follow, and then comes the peer pressure. The snowball effect can be overwhelming, but it may be the catalyst  to a great relationship (or not). There are people who have no intention to date, and there are people who are happiest as a couple.

Me, being the latter of the two, would say, “Yeah, it’s worth a go,” but it always depends. The point is, don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with, and make sure that the connection is really there between the two of you. If the right chemistry isn’t there, and you’re quixotically picky, then don’t spend your night on the wrong girl. Just remember to have fun and be safe.

—Bullwinkle, a junior, is a Managing Editor

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Prom: 99 problems and a relationship is one of them