Quill and ink


Amann Mahajan, Editor-in-Chief

Let’s face it: pencils are boring. Yes, you can buy as many fancy mechanical ones as you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that what’s emerging from the tip is a stick of gray, grating graphite. (At this point, I know there are a few of you nitpickers whining, “What about colored pencils? What about my special pencil that uses rock from the moon?” I’m just going to ignore that, if that’s all right.) Forgo this cumbersome writing utensil and instead take up the elegant quill, along with its partner, ink. Animal cruelty aside, it makes for much more refined, graceful writing; you’ll feel compelled to write neatly and carefully having such a beautiful “pen” to guide you, with so rich a color in the ink. It’ll cause your classmates to be consumed with jealousy. Plus, it’ll make you
feel like you’re at Hogwarts. What’s not to like?