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Be a Pop-Tart

There has to be a cardboard box somewhere in your home that can be repurposed as a convenient and delicious breakfast treat—the Pop-Tart. Similar to the fruit costume below, this one is highly customizable and can be tweaked to fit your taste in tarts. All you need is a large cardboard rectangle, construction paper, glue and markers, and you can be any Pop-Tart that your heart desires.

Cut the construction paper to have wavy edges and glue it to the cardboard. You may need to create a border of wavy-edge construction paper and fill it in with more sheets, though. From there, use the marker to draw the tiny little dots in the frosting—we may not know what they are, but they’re an essential part of the image. Using different colors of construction paper and different colored markers, wearers can decide which flavor they want to dress as. Pink paper and red dots can be constructed as either cherry or strawberry Pop- Tarts, purple paper and bright blue drizzle-shapes are clearly Frosted Wildicious Wild Berry (trademark) tarts, and if you have no construction paper, no worries. Draw some brown dots on a plain piece of brown cardboard and you are the OG unfrosted Pop-Tart. To be honest, I don’t quite know how to tackle the Pop-Tart filling, so we can pretend it doesn’t exist and then move on—unless you want your costume to have a horror aspect to it, in which case, go for the strawberry-flavored tart and drizzle fake blood from your mouth. After all, just like Pop-Tarts are filled with flavorful goodness, humans are filled with blood. Use this to your advantage. No matter what you choose to do, this costume is undoubtedly crazy good.

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