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Dress up as a fruit

What’s better than a costume that covers an entire food group? Dress up in monochrome colors, wear a leaf on your head and boom—you’re a fruit. All purple outfit? Grape. All yellow? Lemon. All orange? Guess what, you’re an orange! What’s great about this costume is that it’s highly customizable and wearers can make it more complex depending on the amount of time and effort they’re willing to put into it. For example, sticking pom-poms onto a purple or green shirt can really help to sell the bunch-of-grapes look, and carrying a carton of fruit juice to coordinate with your costume can help make it instantly discernible. Additionally, consider dressing up with a group of friends to be a fruit salad.

It’s also easy to dress your outfit up for Halloween parties or dress it down for school, since all that really matters is the color of the outfit and the foliage on your head. The most difficult aspect is the leaf or stem—it’s highly important to the costume and a necessary accessory to make clear what you’re dressing up as. Have no fear, though; there are many ways to make leaf headgear. For one, you can find small fake plants—there are many varieties at Michaels—and glue the leaves to a headband. Long, spiky leaves and a yellow outfit makes for an adorable pineapple (consider also adding fangs, since pineapples bite back). On another vein, wearers can also sport a green hat to emulate a leafy top; you can stop there, or you can cut leaf shapes out of green felt and pin them to the hat as well. However, I would steer clear of vegetation such as bell peppers or kumquats— nobody will know what you are.

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