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Revealing clothing during school hours not justified

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We all know that summer is approaching when girls start wearing increasingly revealing clothes. If I had a dime for every piece of clothing that revealed more skin than appropriate, I’d be a millionaire. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of wearing short shorts and crop tops. In fact, I’d even go so far to say that summer is my favorite season just because I can wear shorts and various short-sleeved tops. However, lately I’ve been noticing girls around school wearing less and less appropriate clothing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against short shorts or tank tops, but I do have a problem with girls wearing outfits so scandalous that they border on obscenity. I’ve seen many a shirt that expose more than necessary. I empathize with how difficult it is to maintain a level of dignity in extremely hot weather. We all know the days when it’s so hot that wearing layers of clothing is not an option.

As students, we have to remember that we are in a place of learning and not at the beach. Personally, I like to have a scale for what is appropriate for school and what is not appropriate. For example, I like to make sure that my shorts are not way too short. Shorts that are too short can be extremely uncomfortable and not many girls can pull it off without looking like the circulation in their legs isn’t permanently being cut off. Furthermore, when in doubt, I run my outfit by a friend because I know that they’ll be brutally honest. Although they don’t have to mock your outfit every time you ask, a second opinion doesn’t hurt.

I check my shirts by making sure that they are not completely revealing or inappropriate because personally, I don’t think  my abs are exactly “summer ready.”   Shirts that are completely see-through are also  red lights I watch out for. I know many times I’ve almost worn a shirt before I realize that its completely see through.

However, when I really want to wear  shirt, but I know that it’s probably not the best idea for school, I console myself by reminding myself that I can wear it over the summer or at a party. Lastly, I try to remember is that school is almost over, meaning when the last day comes around,  I’ll be free to wear whatever I want.

Misheel Enkhbat is an Entertainment Editor

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Revealing clothing during school hours not justified