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Ties are visually appealing and classy

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Written by: Shireen Ahsan 

Most people are tired of seeing boxers above sagging jeans and loose fitting shirts. Since the 1990s, boys have been dressing the same way, and it’s time they switch it up.

During the 1950s, around the time James Dean was getting popular, slim neckties were coming back in style. These are the type of ties boys around campus have been wearing recently. Ties were what DGK shirts and Vans are today in the everyday closet. Just imagine students looking suave, intelligent and at their best while strutting through campus, flashing a killer smile.

Ties add class to an outfit, and students will see refined style around them and will be prompted to follow. Just like that, the tie trend will be brought back.

One can wear sweatpants and Nike’s, or skinny jeans and flip flops, but adding a tie means every other part of the outfit has to coincide. Ties force the wearer to put their attire together in a proper form. Wearing a tie calls for a collared shirt, khaki chinos or dress pants, and nice pants must be worn with classy shoes. Thus, wearing a tie will make students come dressed to impress.

Ties can also make a good impression; when someone leaves for an interview, they normally ditch  the flips flops and put on a collared shirt and tie.

Students at prep schools always wear ties because it makes them look prepared and uniform. Likewise, employers need to know their applicants are serious about the position. If teenagers are to wear ties all the time, they will be seen with a positive light in the eyes of the public.

Wearing ties to school would show teachers that they are ready to learn. If students wear ties, teachers would see that they are ready to learn.

It may not seem like it but, the way students are dressed does affect the attitudes shown to others, and attitude affects the environment of a classroom.

Imagine if everyone were to come to school  looking and feeling fancy, like the heroes from old movies. Everyone would contribute to make the school a starting point to obtain a sophisticated urban life. All the boys have to do is take out that sharp looking tie to start the new revolution.

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Ties are visually appealing and classy