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Sam Acker:

Let’s get one thing straight here; there is no doubt that I would be the best president ever. My name would be in every history textbook, and people would write books and poems about me. “Sam Acker” would be the first word babies learn.

Ideally, I would be an extremely popular president, which would give me more power to influence people and make decisions. My improvements in gay rights would be celebrated for generations. It would be one of the most important issues I would address in my presidency. Personally, I do not see any reason to disagree with gay marriage—as a nation, we pride ourselves in respecting and treating everyone as equals, but a large part of our population does not have the option to marry who they want.

As president, my top priority would be legalizing gay marriage in all states, and minimizing homophobia by educating the population. Once this issue is resolved, our country will be able to focus on other problems. Meanwhile, we have plenty of unhappy people living within our borders. People who are gay are still citizens of the United States, just like anyone else. Seeing that our country has modernized and progressed, it only makes sense that our treatment of people who are gay should modernize as well. The basis for our legislation, the Constitution, outlines that everyone is created equal and should have equal rights. It is constantly changing and new amendments are added. We should simply just change the way that we interpret the laws to include everyone.

If someone disagrees with same-sex marriage, that’s not a valid reason to tell other people they don’t have the freedom to do as they please. Therefore, as president, I would encourage people to see the importance of treating all the people in this country as equals. I would devote all my energy to ensuring this, and I would not stop until I triumphed.

 Noa Livneh:Besides making spinach illegal and blowing the white roof off my house with “political” parties, I would try to get some real work done too. One of my top priorities would be making a federal law mandating the coverage of abortion in both private and state insurances. I am pro-choice; I believe that anyone who needs or wants an aborti

on should have the right to get one. The government should not be able to make such a decision on a person’s behalf.As president, I would never want to force anyone into making decisions that go against their beliefs. People are entitled to choices, whether it comes to religion, abortion, political affiliation or even toppings on a pizza—it’s implied in the Constitution. Every woman should have the right to make her own decisions about her health and her body.

There are many reasons why women get abortions. Some situations include rape and lack of financial stability to support the child. If a woman cannot financially raise a child,the long-term effects are endless. It would mean a poorer education and a bad environment for the child. A woman’s financial instability may also mean that she can’t afford abortion. Every woman should be able to afford an abortion and that’s why I would ensure that abortion is covered by health insurance. Providing a woman with an option to abort will put her mind at ease, knowing that she has the chance to start a family when she is ready.  In the case of rape, the woman most definitely did not plan the pregnancy and it is often the case that it is difficult for her to love and care for the product of a scarring violation.

I respect every religion and every belief, and I would never force anyone to get an abortion if they do not believe it’s right. That being said, no religion should influence laws that affect people are aren’t members of that religion. She has the right to make her own decision when it comes to her own body.

Erica Lee:

One of the main questions facing our country today is the question of  how we can get clean energy, while being less dependent on oil. As president, I will get this country on the path to using more environmentally friendly energy. At the moment, the United States gets most of its oil from Canada, Latin America and the Persian Gulf.

There have been numerous talks of offshore drilling to fix this issue. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney supports offshore drilling because he believes that it will lower gas prices and have little negative impact on the environment. President Barack Obama, on the other hand, has always been against the idea of offshore drilling because of the fear that there will be environmental consequences. In fact, offshore drilling carries many dangerous risks to humans, as well as to the environment. Once in office I would avoid this sort of disaster at all costs by seeking out more renewable energy sources like wind and solar powered energy.

The world has a limited amount of oil reserves, and at our current rate of consumption, they will soon be exhausted. If we do not find an alternative energy plan then, when the world does run out of oil, the world will go into a frenzy trying to find alternative resources. Unlike oil, wind and solar energy will never run out, and they are environmentally safe ways of getting energy. We have to think of the future of the environment, and not just about the needs of now.

As president I would put more limits on carbon dioxide emissions because greenhouse gas levels continue to rise and increase the effects of global warming. If we want our children to continue breathing in fresh air and seeing a blue sky, then we have to put more of an effort into saving the environment.



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If I were president