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Written by: Lisa Hao and Rani Shiao

Paly student defaces Gunn football field

A Palo Alto High School (Paly) student vandalized the football field by defecating on the “G” on Dec. 26, 2012. The student then proceeded to pour water on the feces and used the waterball to smear the excrement on the white turf. As a result, the school had to call in custodians and replace the turf. Community members learned of the vandalism through Twitter, which prompted a Gunn student to alert Gunn administrators. Paly Principal Phil Winston has spoken to the student, and the student has emailed Gunn administrators apologizing for his actions. Both administrations believe that the event is not correlated with any other occurrences between the two schools. “It’s looked at right now as an isolated incident,” Dean of Students James Lubbe said.

Administrators took disciplinary measures against the student, and they trust there will not be any follow-up acts. “My hope is [that] there’ll be no retaliation from Gunn,” Lubbe said. As a result of this incident, Gunn will increase its security during long breaks and school-wide events, especially before  football games. “Anytime things are coming up, we’ll try to have extra security,” Lubbe said.

YCS hosts annual MLK, Jr. holiday event

The Youth Community Service (YCS)/Interact Club hosted a day of service at Lytton Plaza in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day on Monday, Jan. 21. “We planned this event in an effort to keep Dr. King’s dream of justice and service alive among today’s society—especially the youth,” YCS co-president junior Justice Tention said. “Luckily, it was a great success. We had a good turnout of about 10 to 15 volunteers from Gunn alone.”

According to Tention, the event has been club tradition for three years. “Gunn personally began attending a while back, but the occasion has continued to grow each year with more and more outside service groups attending,” he said. “Most schools bring informational booths and offer new activities, so it gets more exciting each year.”

Local high schoolers help inspire and educate elementary school students with small community service activities such as service craft tables, assisting at the “share your dream” table or writing their personal messages of hope on a “dream” flag to hang across the Plaza.

While the MLK Day of Service is already past, Tention gladly welcomes new club members to participate in the upcoming school-wide Service Day in March. “I’d encourage interested students to go to to learn more information and sign up for the event,” he said. “You can never stop giving to your community.”

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