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Kenneth Fuchs

Alumnus Kenneth Fuchs is the director of “Shark Tank,” “Family Feud,” “The Bachelor” and the “Bachelorette.”

He is also the president of FremantleMedia North America, Next Entertainment and Touch ‘Em All Productions Inc.

Fuchs graduated from Gunn in 1979.  He then went on to attend Wesleyan University.

At Gunn, he played varsity basketball and varsity football from his sophomore through his senior year.


The Oracle: What has your biggest accomplishment in high school?

Kenneth Fuchs: Well, it has got to be making lifelong friends. I’m still close with them till this day. Well. that and making Varsity Basketball as well.


TO: Was there a class at Gunn that got you started in entertainment? 

KF: There was anything  that helped me choose this job direction. Back then, we had no production or anything. All we had was morning announcements over the speakers. Had there been that sort of technology back then in high school, I would have definitely been going all over that direction.


TO: What was your least favorable memory of Gunn?

KF: The year that we won only one football game. It was absolutely sad.

TO: In terms of the cast, how do you deal with someone who is not cooperating?

KF: I try to remind them that we are all there for them. Most people in front of the camera are just incredibly insecure, and the more comfortable they feel, the better they can do their job.


TO: How would you describe your time at Gunn?

KF: My time at Gunn was amazing. Ten of my friends from Gunn are still my best friends. I still keep in touch with them every day.


TO: How do you deal with any on-set dramas that go on? 

KF: You have to use all your training and experience to help people get past their problems and focus on collaborating in order to do what’s best for the show. Put egos aside.

TO: What advice do you have for 

students who want to work in entertainment?

KF: Be open-minded, never take the easy path and have no fear to fail. Oh, and I thought of this a few days ago and it was pretty good: be wrong as fast as you can.


TO: Is there a time crunch to push out a certain amount of episodes?

KF: There’s always a time crunch and budgets are worse now than they were, but that’s part of the puzzle and we all need to join in the solution of how to get it done.


TO: Are there any funny moments with the cast? 

KR: There are millions of funny moments, most of which I can’t talk about in public though.


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