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Construction on walkway begins

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Written By: Nabeel Chollampat

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, construction began on the corridor between Spangenberg Theatre and the new building. During the first weeks of school, students could use the walkway in front of the art building to get to the new building. Because the hallway is being fenced off for construction, the only access to the new building for the next six weeks will be through the freshman quad and around the little theater.

According to Assistant Principal of Facilities Kimberley Cowell, the construction schedule is currently set for six weeks. She was worried that the bases of the columns that hold up the fences were a safety hazard. “They had originally fenced it off so that not only was it narrow, but there was a curve to maneuver,” she said. “I just knew someone was going to trip and fall over the roots, so we had to cut it off.”

The finished project will include a wide corridor from the N building to the quad. It will also have steps going down to the N building as well as a ramp for disabled or injured students. An added benefit is that carts can now drive through the area in case of an emergency.

Cowell believes that the project, which was implemented for safety’s sake, will be an necessary inconvenience. “Fortunately, it’s not a huge project, and relatively speaking, it’s not a long project, either,” she said.

Cowell hopes the construction will end sooner than currently planned and that the walkway will be open as quickly as possible.

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Construction on walkway begins