Male staffer of The Oracle tests school dress code during homecoming week

The Oracle

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Early Homecoming week, I heard that several dress code violations had been issued to girls. Some people also commented that the dress code was being strictly enforced, and I wanted to see if this applied to guys as well. So, I dressed in minimal clothing from Wednesday through Friday.

The dress code in the student handbook says several things. First off, backless shirts are not allowed. The chest must be covered below the point of one inch below the top of the armpit. It also bans bellybuttons, buttocks, underwear and upper thighs from being shown, for both boys and girls.

On Wednesday, I dressed in hip-hop clothing. I sagged my pants enough so that my boxers were showing.

The Thursday theme for juniors was Arabian Nights. I merely wore a vest that left my chest exposed and a saggy pair of pants. A teacher told me that my clothing was a bit inappropriate, but she did not go further than that. The rest of my teachers all found my costume amusing.

I went all out on Friday when I cut up a shirt to the point where my entire back, stomach and chest were showing—I was practically wearing rags. However, even then, I didn’t receive even one dress code violation, nor was I ever asked to cover up. I even took a picture with an administrator who simply laughed at my attire. Throughout the entire week, the only objection I received was from one teacher who gently admonished me for wearing scandalous clothing.

The problem is that if the school is going to discipline people for violating the dress code, they need to do it evenly between boys and girls. In the future, the school should do a better job handing out equal punishments along with actually informing students on what is acceptable within the nuances of the dress code.