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Current students, alumni highlight aspects of well-known universities

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University of Southern California

“Night-life-wise, USC is a lovely place to be. And by night life,” I don’t mean the Palo Alto version of Netflix, trips to CREAM and the aimless drives all over town until God grants us desperate teenagers with an open house. I hope everyone applies to USC. Go Trojans”

—Lee Zhao (USC ‘14)

Santa Clara University

“Definitely, as a Jesuit school, people should be prepared to take ethics and morals classes. In my opinion, the engineering department is quite nice, so I would recommend this school to deeply religious people interested in studying engineering.”

—sophomore Kevin Ji

University of California, Los Angeles 

“I love the school and the people. However, one of the things I do not like is the fact that we are on a quarter system. While being on a quarter system makes classes you don’t like finish faster, you also have a lot more exams in a shorter amount of time and start school a lot later than the rest of the colleges.”

—Priya Sahdev  (UCLA ‘15)

Northwestern University

“The most interesting aspect I learned about Northwestern is that they have this awesome event called “Wrestlepocalypse,” which is WWE Northwestern edition. It gets quite dangerous, as last year a referee was tossed outside the ring by a wrestler and forced to crowd surf. A student who likes to be social and active outside the classroom would thrive at Northwestern.”

—senior Aaron Miner

New York University

“I liked that they had really interesting opportunities for students, anything from early screenings of  ‘Game of Thrones’ to study abroad programs. While I love that it’s walking distance from areas like SoHo and Greenwich Village, I’m not big on the fact that there isn’t really an enclosed campus.”

—senior Edut Birger

Harvard College

“Hazing for finals clubs was just starting and one of their rituals is to have pledges pee on the lucky foot of the John Harvard statue in Harvard Square. A few friends and I walked by the statue, and we saw a couple of slightly inebriated males trying to clamber on to the statue, presumably to pee on it. We wanted to stay and watch, but as the pants started to come off, we decided it was best to leave.”

—senior Esther Kozakevich

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Current students, alumni highlight aspects of well-known universities