Sports Updates



Cross Country

“I think part of the reason why everyone’s improving so much is because it’s so fun. I’ve never had so much fun working out before. Everyone’s super close.”—sophomore Josh Radin

“People really care about how they do, and they have a lot of motivation so we train hard. I think it’s all about that—how much work you put in. The girls are doing pretty well. We’ve won every varsity girls’ race this year.”—junior Mara Greene

Top: From left to right, freshman Emma Chiao pushes hard to catch up to junior Maya Miklos. They both sprint as fast as they can to finish their race against Paly on October 28.


Girls’ Tennis

“The other teams have been really hard to beat ever since we moved up to the De Anza league. After we won our first match, the whole team seemed to get their motivation back, and we improved a lot.”—senior Laurie Perng

“One of the most special moments of the season was our first win during the Battle of the Bays tournament. We were discouraged in the beginning of the season, but we worked hard and earned a win against Acalanes.”

—senior Anjali Herekar

Top: Senior Laurie Perng sets up for a backhand.



“One point in our season that was an all-time high was beating Paly in our first league game of the season. It had been eight years since the last time Gunn beat Paly in volleyball, and there’s no better feeling for such a competitive team than beating your biggest rival.”—senior Tahra Knudsen

Left to right: Seniors Nicole Brigham, Megan Mahoney, Tahra Knudsen and sophomore Emma Munch prepare for the other team’s serve.



“The season’s highlight was keeping the crowd going during a black out in the middle of the homecoming game.”—junior Caitlin Ambler

Top: From left to right, senior Rachel Dukes-Schlossberg, junior Laura Patou and junior Jarrod Hsu cheer at the football game.




“Being a part of the dance team has been a really wonderful experience. We’re basically a family and we always have fun at practices. It’s really awesome to be able to choreograph our own dances and perform them for the whole school.”—sophomore Miranda Lin

Top: From left to right senior Esther Kozakevich, junior Alex Kim, senior Tina Wang and freshmen Jaclyn Liang and Kim Li are hard at work practicing one of their routines.

Bottom: From left to right, senior Esther Kozakevich and junior Alex Kim perform at the Night Rally.




“My favorite play of the night was probably when I scored my last touchdown and the lights went off after. It’s a whole different feeling when you are at home. I liked just looking at the stands and seeing a sea of red and black. Nothing beats a crowd of Titan supporters.”—senior Guy Kasznik

Top: Senior Max Chiew and junior Cory Gong brace themselves for the next down.

Bottom: Senior Dietrich Sweat clashes with the opposition in an intense play.


Boys’ Water Polo

“The first Paly-Gunn game was really fun to play in, because so many people came out to cheer us on. Over 100 people came to that game.”—senior Anthony Zunino

“We are currently undefeated in leagues, and everyone is working well together. I’ve never been on a team before with such high team chemistry and the coach knows how to communicate with us in a better way.”—senior Ari Wayne

Top: Sophomore Patrick Zhao concentrates as he gets ready to throw to a teammate across the goal in the game against Mountain View on Senior Night.


Girls’ Golf

“The highlight of our season was definitely beating Paly in both of our matches against them this year. Last year, we won one match and lost one, so we ended up becoming co-league champions, but this year, we remained undefeated to become league champions.”—senior Anna Zhou

“We have an extremely supportive team and we always have each other’s backs.”

—junior Tiffany Yang

Top: Junior Tiffany Yang visualizes her shot, aiming to hit a perfect putt.

zoe wopo


Girls’ Water Polo

“The Paly game was quite intense because of the local rivalry and the fact that it was the last game standing between us and a 12-0 record. The Los Gatos games were probably the toughest, because they’ve been our strongest opponents in the league over the last few years.“—senior Nia Gardener

“This year our team is really good at staying calm and focused. If the other team makes the first goal of the game, we always pick ourselves back up and show the team that in the end we will beat them.”—senior Bianca Batista

Top: Freshman Zoe Banks scans the pool as she looks to throw the ball to her teammate.

Bottom: Senior Bianca Batista gets ready to krunch the ball into the goal.

— Compiled by Sam Acker, Lawrence Chen, Lisa Hao, Yuki Klotz-Burwell, Emily Kvitko, Matt Niksa, and Lena Ye