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Ski bus provides comfortable get away

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By Lucy Fan

There are a number of ways to get to ski resorts across the state. Many people are used to hopping into a car and driving a couple hours to their destination. Though many people tend to depend on more conventional methods of transportation, it never hurts to try anything new: like, a ski bus, for example.

Few people have actually heard of it, but I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the ski bus. The concept is pretty simple: there’s a bus that takes a number of people from a group of nearby cities to a ski resort and back for a small fee. It’s roughly $150, and the package also includes a lift ticket.

It’s one of the better options, despite the fact that we had to wake up at an ungodly hour in order to catch the bus. Other than that, it was pretty nice, having all the comforts of an airplane ride while matching the gas prices for the mountainous road trip. In my opinion, that’s a pretty good deal.

The trip to the ski resort was fairly uneventful. I was actually able to get some sleep for once. My family and I are avid skiers, and we’re used to the long, uncomfortable ride to far-away ski resorts. Trying to get sleep in a cramped car is impossible, especially while my little sister is complaining about her sore feet and the edges of multiple skis are digging into my thigh.

But in the ski bus, there was plenty of space to relax. They had provided a tour bus, so the seats were comfy, as well as spacious, which was just how I like it. Plus, since we didn’t have too many people on our trip, I could sit in one of the many open seats in the back, as far away from my little sister and her complaints as possible. It’s safe to say that I got lots of undisturbed sleep that morning.

Space and comfort wasn’t the only thing I enjoyed. During the ride there, the only time I was awake was when they started serving breakfast, which was included in the $150. There were a lot of different options, including bagels, yogurt and cinnamon rolls, and an assortment of beverages such as orange juice, milk and coffee. I picked a few and ate them, so I had a pretty full stomach when we arrived at Tahoe. Normally, my ski-trip breakfast consists of the same store-bought bread that I have every morning, so it was definitely an improvement.

Although the ski day itself was not enhanced by the ski bus transportation, we did manage to befriend fellow bus riders, something that I had never been able to experience before. The extra sleep enabled me to actually communicate with my newfound friends too, a privilege which couldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t taken the ski bus.

Even with all that, I think the best part about the trip was the after-party. After a long and arduous day of skiing, my family and I headed back down to the warm and cozy lodge, where the ski bus company’s employees provided food ranging from hot dogs to hot chocolate. It was a pretty fun and relaxing way to unwind after all the exercise I had gotten, and food is always the way to get my heart.

The ride back was also very comfortable. I was a bit wiped out from the day’s adventures, so I drifted to sleep for parts of the ride. The company also put on a comedy for us to watch in the tiny television screens attached to the roofs every few seats, which made everyone on the bus laugh.

All in all, I think I had a pretty enjoyable experience. If you like skiing, it is definitely worth a try. Trust me, with the right company, you’ll have a blast.

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Ski bus provides comfortable get away