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Top Seven New Year’s Resolution (2015)

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Written by Justin Wenig

  1. Get off your couch and join a local gym! Make a resolution to run a little bit more every day, and if you’re feeling audacious, pick up some weights.
  2. Instead of spending all day on Youtube spend time on Vice. It is a video site that talks about world issues. No more useless videos.
  3. Think about all the ways that you can make the world a better place. Keep a journal to track your ideas.
  4. Get some better sleep. Give yourself an exact time to go to bed every night to streamline your homework and improve your focus.
  5. Improve your grades. The mundane things can make a difference: spend a little more time studying; chew gum during study sessions and more.
  6. Update your playlist. Some new songs will surely improve your motivation and help your workouts.
  7. Clean your room, car or backpack. You won’t have to wear gloves while picking things up anymore!
  8. Love yourself and those around you. Looking at things positively can go a long way.
  9. Diversify your interests and friends. It’s good to always have second options.
  10. Write a blank check to The Oracle. We want to invest in strobe lights, a disco ball, a full time jazz pianist and puppies to raise morale.

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Top Seven New Year’s Resolution (2015)