Spring spirit week has potential to be something special


Written by Hayley Krolik
According to Student Activities Director Lisa Hall, the last Spring Fling that utilized its full potential occurred six years ago. Since then, it has taken on various formats, such as those consisting of three dress-up days or just a block party at the end of the week. One difficulty seems to persist throughout each run of the event: a lack of participation. If the Student Executive Council (SEC) approaches Spring Fling as a legitimate spirit week and begins promotion earlier, the student body will treat the festivities as authentic and participate.

In order to create more opportunities for student participation, Spring Fling should consist of five dress-up days rather than three. This format is akin to Homecoming Week, a highly anticipated event in which almost all students participate. If Spring Fling is organized similarly to Homecoming Week, students will connect the two and increase their participation in Spring Fling. Also, students sometimes forget to dress-up and then feel like it’s not worth it if they only have one or two days left. One modification could be to set up overall dress-up days rather than a theme for each class.

However, Spring Fling should be different from Homecoming in one essential way: a wellness component. Spring is a time when stress levels are elevated—Advanced Placement (AP) testing is right around the corner, students are trying to figure out their summer plans and homework piles up. SEC can take advantage of Spring Fling by providing free giveaways and relaxation opportunities to reduce student stress. Many colleges provide puppy therapy days in which they bring dogs on campus to reduce stress, and Gunn students are always a fan of Donut Feeds. If SEC can strike a balance between these stress-reducing activities and some competitive lunch games, Spring Fling will be a smashing success.

The last imperative component to a successful Spring Fling is promotion. For Homecoming, there is an entire Titan 101 Homecoming Boot Camp session, and an announcement video is produced along with Facebook and Instagram updates for each day. This communication increases student excitement when they see intriguing posts about the activities at every turn. SEC should begin promotion for Spring Fling at least two weeks in advance and incorporate the same tactics used for Homecoming to get the same enthusiastic response. Spring Fling tends to be more difficult for SEC to host because of the busy spring semester and a long year of putting on so many successful events. To alleviate the burden of this event, SEC could take advantage of the student body by appointing a few interested students to help them work on Spring Fling. This varied group would inspire even more students to get involved in the process and promotion would reach many different student groups across the school.

Spring Fling is ready to become a legitimate, consistent part of the school calendar. With better promotion, more dress-up days and games and a unique wellness component, students will flock to every Spring Fling activity. SEC can use this event to get students involved in shaping events and to revitalize students with a little fun so they have the energy to push through the semester. After these improvements, Spring Fling may just be the new Homecoming.