Food fight: Waffles

Written by Deiana Hristov

Call me “Eggo-tistical”, but in the breakfast world, waffles reign supreme. Compared to the waffle, the flaccid, weak pancake crumbles into a soggy mess. Why? Well, for one, it’s a texture thing. Think of a waffle, which consists of a perfect marriage between a soft, pillowy inside and a crispy outer layer—no pancake will give you the satisfaction of that duality of textures. Next, the shape. Waffles are riddled with square indentations, perfect for catching and holding toppings for a mouth-watering surprise. Think of the feeling when you spoon Nutella over a warm waffle and watch it pool into puddles in the little square dips, giving you a gooey burst of warm chocolate when you bite into it. Any topping placed on a waffle will stay on top, perfectly secured. In addition, waffles provide a whole different aesthetic than pancakes. Pancakes are a tired, forced brunch at Denny’s with your annoying relatives, while waffles bring about images of waking up in a log cabin, snow swirling around you as you heat yourself up by enjoying a fresh-off-the-press Belgian waffle. Like the crepe is the European version of a pancake, Belgian waffles are the European version of waffles.Sounds similar, right? Except for the waffles side of things, you get a thicker, fluffier, tastier waffle for your Euro, while in the pancake field you get pancake’s sicklier, pallid cousin. Finally, waffle sandwiches? Chicken and waffles? Waffles, with their topping-catching supremacy and crispy/soft texture combo, can be brought to bring any meal to the next level. When’s the last time you’ve seen a pancake be anything else but a pancake.

Waffles are always the way to go. Accept waffles into your heart and change your life for the better.