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Fashion trends to keep, throw out this season

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by Samantha Donat:

In the words of Heidi Klum, “one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out.”  Fashion isn’t an easy topic to keep track of; trends come and go so quickly that it often feels like as soon as you get a hold of something fashion-forward, it’s already out of style and the fashion world has moved on.  To help you avoid fashion-induced headaches, here’s a quick list of trends to keep and throw out.


Sheer blouses and shirts: they make for great basic pieces. Just please remember to wear something underneath them.

Maxi dresses and skirts: they aren’t just for summer.  They’ll be your go-to transition pieces as we move into the colder months.

Colored skinnies: try yours in this season’s bright red, electric blue and army green.

Animal print: last season’s popular cheetah is here to stay.  Zebra and tiger prints, along with fur trimmings, are also coming on to the fashion scene.


Cropped tops: as much as you’ll all hate to hear it, the midriff phase is over. Time to cover up.

Yoga pants: as comfy as they may be, a great pair of jeans looks so much more put-together.

Destroyed shirts: although grunge is a fun style to try, the overly destroyed shirts now just look sloppy next to the recent runways’ sophistication.

“Bat-wing” tops: they were fun for a while, but this season’s silhouettes have become more structured and stream-lined.

Boys—Keep:Cargo shorts: they’ll always be a fantastic alternative to the typical basketball shorts.Button-ups: they canbe worn without looking too formal. Try patterned ones for a more casual look.Cardigans: they aren’t just for preps, and they’re refreshing to see after years of sweatshirts.

Corduroy pants: they’re a great way to change up your typical jeans routine.  Try them in unusual colors for an even more interesting look.


Board shorts: unless you’re headed for the beach, please refrain from wearing them in public.

Sagging: no one wants to see your boxers, no matter how cute they may be.  The consequential waddle is also an unpleasant sight.

Baggy pants: not to advocate for overly tight jeans, but you look like you’re drowning in all of that excess material.

Flannel: the lumberjack/hobo combination had its moment to shine, but now it’s time for a more sophisticated look.

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Fashion trends to keep, throw out this season