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Teachers share embarrassing, awkward dating stories: Jordan Wells

February 3, 2017

Written By Aleks Tycz Dating is a game of chance, and once in awhile a date won’t go as planned. For English teacher Jordan Wells, a friendly night out with a co-worker became a date she had not intended to go on. “I didn’t really realize it was a date,” Wells said. “I thought we were just going to the movies as friends.” The date was [...]

Students make a splash in water sports: water skiing

May 27, 2017

Written by Clara Kieschnick-Llamas People strapping skis to their feet and flying across the water may not be a very common sport, but it has been in junior Mollie Sampson’s family for generations. For Sampson, water skiing became somewhat of a tradition and she skied for the first time when she was seven. However, prior to her first venture, [...]

“13 Reasons Why” starts progressive conversations

May 21, 2017

Written by Grace Ding “13 Reasons Why,” a Netflix original series adapted from Jay Asher’s novel, has quickly garnered attention—from adults and teens, critics and fans alike—after its release on March 31. The 13 episodes follow 13 tapes that high schooler Hannah Baker made to detail reasons why she committed suicide. Through its [...]

Food Blogs; Julia Wu

May 19, 2017

Bridgette Gong Word Count: 552 Features: Food Blogs; Julia Wu   Junior Julia Wu finds a way to combine hard work with fun and enjoyment through her career as a personal chef. Her appreciation for cooking and food developed in her earlier years. “When I was young, my parents wouldn’t let me watch Disney Channel, so I would watch Food [...]

Dangers of Dehydration, Importance of Drinking Water

May 19, 2017

Bridgette Gong Importance of Hydration Word count: 811 Section: Sports   As the days get longer, so do the opportunities for physical activity and exercise. While it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to prioritize health, it is crucial to remember to stay hydrated all the while, especially with the rising temperatures of [...]

Non-profit 2Bikes supports sexual assault survivors

May 19, 2017

written by Sohini Ashoke Junior Rachel Barkin is involved in 2Bikes, a nonprofit organization supporting sexual assault victims and raising awareness about sexual assault while empowering individuals to stand up. Barkin’s goal with 2Bikes is to call attention to a new issue while keeping the angle pertaining to Gunn students. “I have always [...]

Silicon built innovation foundation

May 19, 2017

Written by Joanna Huang Silicon Valley, in Santa Clara County, Calif., was once referred to as “The Valley of Heart’s Delight” because of its pleasant scenery, climate and fruit trees. In time, the area went from being known for its orchards to being known for its startups and world-changing technological innovations. Silicon Valley was [...]

Students share cooking passions on social media: Alex Mei

May 19, 2017

Written by Carolyn Kuimelis We’ve all been there: you’re sitting on your couch watching Food Network, drooling over the mouth-watering dishes shown in slow motion, plated to perfection. Most of us can only dream of these gourmet meals as the sad, microwavable lasagna we prepared stares mockingly up at us from our laps. For sophomore Alex Mei, [...]

Teachers leaving Gunn: Jessy Li

May 19, 2017

Written by Kristen Yee The red window-flower decorated walls of the Chinese classroom will be a little more bare when part-time Chinese teacher Jessy (Xiaojie) Li leaves Gunn next year. She especially cherishes her relationships with her col- leagues and students during her brief time at Gunn. “[My colleagues] have been so nice and supportive [...]