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Chess Player: Rayan Taghizadeh


March 6, 2018

Written by Katie Zhang Since he was introduced to the game at age four, sophomore Rayan Taghizadeh has found a sense of joy with playing chess with his father. Taghizadeh’s curiosity in what his father was doing one night tri...

Teachers share stories about life with their high school, college sweethearts: Jack Ballard


February 2, 2018

By Natalie McCurdy Assistant Principal, Jack Ballard, and his wife, Meghan, are proof that college sweethearts can last a lifetime. While Ballard’s first impression of Meghan may not have been a cheerful one, it was still ...

Freshman promotes creativity through online journal


February 2, 2018

By: Andrew Zhao   An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, freshman Keshav Dhir manages Scribere, a free on- line literary journal. Every three months, the site publishes fiction, non fiction and poetry. Scribere has four issues; the most recent one was published a m...

Senior Kevin Frans pursues opportunities in artificial intelligence


December 8, 2017

While senior Kevin Frans might seem like a typical high school stu- dent at rst glance, he’s been taking online courses at the undergraduate level, applying this knowledge to create robots that learn and publishing research ...

Students share adventures moving: Sophomore Anna Lorenzon


December 8, 2017

Written By: Paulo Frank As she walked from class to class on her first day at Gunn, sophomore Anna Lorenzon was bewildered by the school’s foreign layout. “Gunn is outdoors, which is really different,” Lorenzon said. ...

Senior Ali Havaei’s Journey from Iran


December 8, 2017

Written by Joanna Huang On top of balancing coursework, extracurriculars and free time, international students must learn to rapidly adjust to a new country. Senior Ali Havaei, who has been attending Gunn since the start of hi...

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