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Teen show ‘Skins’ raises controversy

The Oracle

March 17, 2011

By: Monica Cai The norms and taboos of society are constantly changing, subject to the mercurialness of public opinion. The rules determining indecency, for example, have grown less severe over the decades, as the line betwee...

Gamer girl stands her ground

The Oracle

December 17, 2010

by Ashley Ngu: Google the phrase “fun games for girls” and you’ll find a multitude of pink-themed web sites including game titles such as “Smokey Eyes Makeover,” “Cute Baby Nursery” and “Breakfast Sandwich Shop....

Gleefully influenced

The Oracle

November 15, 2010

by Yilin Liang Whether people like it or not, they are constantly bombarded by the media. Society is fueled by the constant flow of information, and teens in particular are heavily influenced. This leads to popular entertainment...

Facebook isn’t stalking

The Oracle

July 18, 2010

By: Monica Cai Facebook is my addiction; I can’t even try to deny it. Every day I spend a good two to three hours on the site, clicking between its always present window and my homework. As a faithful, two-year addict, I c...

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