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Maturity level of 18 year olds should justify right to drink


December 8, 2017

Written by: Jack Mallery For a country that prides itself on being advanced and sophisticated, America is surprisingly behind the times when it comes to the legalization of alcohol. A drinking age of 21 has become anachronistic...

Silicon Valley fosters an unhealthy competitive environment


November 9, 2017

Written by Grace Tramack Students have plenty to be proud of—awards, grades, extracurriculars—and graduating from a nationally ranked high school is an achievement in itself. However, with Gunn being located in Silicon V...

Snapchat generalizes beauty standards


November 9, 2017

written by: Sohini Ashoke In our current day and age, Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most relevant social media apps out there, especially for teenagers. In fact, it is the second most used social media app for teens ac...

Habit of comparison distorts self-worth


November 9, 2017

Written by Katie Zhang. “Hey what did you get on your test last week? It was so hard! Ugh!” This type of dialogue is often heard around Gunn. We at Gunn have a bragging culture around academics, extracurriculars and self...

No: Should Homecoming themes change every year?


October 13, 2017

Written by Amanda Lee At the homecoming assembly, the entire student body waited with bated breath for the announcement of this year’s homecoming themes, particularly each grade’s dress-up themes. But 4.2 miles away, ...

Industrial nations should take responsibility for carbon emissions


October 13, 2017

Written by Andrew Zhao The world faces an impending crisis. With greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at a maximum for the last four hundred thousand years, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, humanity's industrializat...

Should homecoming themes switch every year? (Pro)


October 13, 2017

Written by Megan Li Homecoming: one week, five days, 80 waking hours of pure, unadulterated school spirit. It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of excitement and anticipation and a way to aunt enthusiasm and creativity th...

Palo Alto Should Punish Texting While Walking


September 15, 2017

Written by Eric Epstein   On July 27, Honolulu, Hawaii approved a law that prohibits pedestrians from using their electronic devices while crossing the street. Offenders of this law will be fined $15 to $35 for thei...

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