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Students dream of summer fling: Girl Perspective

The Oracle

June 1, 2011

By Annie Tran: Graphic by George Hwang: Get ready for summer, boys and girls. The time for relaxation, freedom and hot weather is upon us, slowly beckoning us into its warm embrace. The prospect of finding the “love” of our oh-so-s...

Reality shows reveal best, worst of society

The Oracle

April 2, 2011

By: Divya Shiv, Elaine Liu, Lucy Oyer and Monica Cai Secret Millionaire: While other reality TV shows deal with people getting into catfights, getting drunk or just acting plain stupid, Secret Millionaire is a show that highligh...

Zodiac killer of the past

The Oracle

October 18, 2010

By: Monica Cai During the late 1960s, a serial killer who still has yet to be identified surfaced in Northern California. Confirmed to have killed seven victims, the man garnered the nickname “Zodiac Killer” due to a series...

Body and Soul Yoga

March 18, 2010

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