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Senior helps Ultimate Frisbee team win nationals

October 3, 2011

Before 2009, Ultimate Frisbee was nothing more than a game played in Physical Education classes. That year, Gunn formed its own Ultimate Frisbee team and placed second at the USA Ultimate State High School Championship. It was at this competition where senior Monisha White discovered her club team, the Bay Area Happy Cows, with whom she would go on to win two consecutive national titles. [...]

Sixth Man Club thrives with new members

February 17, 2011

With the start of the basketball season comes the rebirth of Gunn’s Sixth Man Club. This year’s club brings great school spirit and a group of loud, energetic students that can be found in the stands at almost every game cheering for the teams. [...]

Student, faculty members attend Giants parade

November 17, 2010

On Nov. 3, Gunn students and teachers took the day to head up to San Francisco and get a taste of the victory that they have waited so long for. For the first time in 56 years, The San Francisco Giants were crowned World Series champions, and the chance to celebrate such a momentous occasion was too great to pass up. [...]

Fixie Fixation

June 2, 2010

The fixie fixation has commenced. With the simplicity, freedom and speed that fixed gear bikes have to offer, they have recently started to attract people of all ages, especially the younger generation. [...]

Spring sport tryout challenge: Lacrosse

April 26, 2010

Lacrosse was a completely new experience for me. Sure, I had played a little lacrosse before in P.E., but bear in mind that we were given a lot of handicaps. Lacrosse with the junior varsity (JV) girls’ lacrosse team was much more challenging. [...]

Ultimate team catches all

April 16, 2010

What began two years ago as a casual gathering of frisbee enthusiasts and friends has transformed into a competitive ultimate frisbee team which competed in two major interstate tournaments. Led by senior captains Nathan White, Michael Norcia and David Hwang, the student-run team, Team Rocket, has been successful in maintaining a winning record. “We don’t have an official record because we’ve played a lot of college teams that we shouldn’t have played and we’ve lost some against them, won some,” Norcia said. “I would estimate that our record against high school teams is about 13-1.” [...]