What to do with leftover Halloween candy

Our writers put their twist on 10 things to do with that leftover bag of Halloween candy.

By Samantha Donat and Ellen Lee:

Decorate a gingerbread house.

Snickers bars make a sturdy foundation and KitKat bars are good bricks.

Use the assorted candy as an ice cream topping.

Augment your lonely and boring scoop of ice cream with unique candies. 

Throw it at people.

Refrain from illegal activities. Pelting Crunch bars at your enemies is just as satisfying.

Regift it as a holiday gift.

Save money and bring joy to others with mediocre chocolate.

Bribe your teachers.

Striving to get that 89.99 percent up to a 90.00 percent? Candy might do the trick.

Make a fort.

You probably don’t actually have that much candy.

Serve it for dessert at Thanksgiving

No need for apple and pumpkin pie That’s far too much effort.

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