The Oracle

2020-2021 Staff

Joshua Yang


Joshua Yang, a senior, is the Editor-in-Chief of the Gunn Oracle for the 2020-2021 school year. Apart from editing stories and checking Slack notifications nonstop, he loves browsing through local bookshops, reading poetry, and...

Madison Nguyen

Managing Editor

Senior Madison Nguyen is one of two Managing Editors on The Oracle. Outside of this, her most cherished pastimes are driving to grab coffee at a local coffee shop, watching early 2000's romantic comedies, and thrifting.

Julliana Chang

News Editor

Since joining staff in Jan. 2020, Julianna Chang has been covering local news and designing page layouts as a News Editor. When she's not falling asleep at board meetings, she can be found watching HGTV or eating instant ramen.

Catherine Chu

News Editor

Having been on staff for 2 years, Catherine Chu is a news editor who enjoys covering all kinds of stories. Nonetheless, she is always down to have a conversation about physics or music.

Jessica Zang

Forum Editor

Jessica Zang, a Junior, is a Forum Editor for The Oracle, and has been on staff since Jan. 2020. When she's not spending hours perfecting InDesign layouts or writing fun articles, she enjoys daydreaming at the park, crocheting...

Jessica Wang

Forum Editor

On staff since Jan. 2019, Jessica Wang ensures that stories and layouts are top-notch as editor of the Forum section. She enjoys imparting sage InDesign advice and contributing writing, photos and graphics to the paper. Her non-Oracle...

Dori Filppu

Features Editor

Senior Dori Filppu joined staff in January 2020 and serves as a Features Editor. Outside of the Oracle, Dori enjoys spending time with her friends, baking, and going to the beach.

Katie Shih

Centerfold Editor

Sophomore Katie Shih has been on staff since Jan. 2020 and is currently a Centerfold Editor. When she's not busy working on layouts and writing stories, Katie likes to read, attend ballet class, and snuggle with her pet bunny...

Calvin Cai

Sports Editor

Senior Calvin Cai is a Sports Editor on The Oracle staff for his third year. In his free time, Calvin enjoys wrestling, playing fantasy football, and watching sitcoms.

Devon Lee

Sports Editor

Senior Devon Lee is one of two Sports Editors on The Oracle. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching sports.

Arjun Shah

Lifestyle Editor

Arjun Shah is a Sophomore who has been on staff since Jan. 2020 and is a Lifestyle Editor. When he's not rushing to meet deadlines, he likes writing and playing basketball.

Haley Pflasterer

Lifestyle Editor

Junior Haley Pflasterer is a Lifestyle Editor for The Oracle. You can always find her listening to music and catching up on her books-to-read list. If she's not reading, you can find her in a cheer gym as a competitive cheerleader,...

Kate Mallery

Copy Editor

Senior Kate Mallery is a Copy Editor on The Oracle. When she's not editing pages or studying, Kate enjoys playing water polo, swimming, practicing guitar, and hanging out with friends.

Mia Knezevic

Copy Editor, Photographer

Junior Mia Knezevic has been on staff since Jan. 2020, and currently holds the positions of Features and Photos Editor. When she isn't writing stories or designing layouts, Mia enjoys drinking coffee, spending time with her two...

Genna Bishop

Online Editor

Senior Genna Bishop is the Online Editor on The Oracle. She has been on staff for two years. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her friends and explore new places around the Bay. She also loves to go to the beach and...

Chinyoung Shao

Graphics Artist

Chinyoung is a freshman who likes to doodle frogs and fold cranes. She is a freelance artist for The Oracle.

Madeleine Chen

Graphics Artist

Junior Madeleine Chen joined The Oracle staff in August of 2020. As a Graphics Artist, one of her favorite hobbies is drawing, however, she also enjoys hiking and mountain biking with friends and family.

Mihika Sane

Graphics Artist

Junior Mihika Sane is a Graphics Artist who joined the Oracle staff for the 2020-2021 school year. In her beloved free time, Mihika likes to listen to music, go on walks, and fill that online shopping cart.

Jenna Han

Graphics Artist

Jenna Han is a Senior who recently joined The Oracle's staff as a Graphic Artist. She enjoys drawing, crocheting, baking, and shopping in her free time.

Clair Koo

Graphics Artist

Clair Koo is a freelance Graphics Artist for The Oracle since May 2020. In her free time, she loves kissing her dog, drawing with markers, and munching on snacks!

Zora Zhang

Graphics Artist

Zora Zhang, a Senior, is a Graphics Artists for The Oracle. Drawing has been her hobby since kindergarten. She also likes boba and ramen.

Sarah Chang

Graphics Artist

Sarah Chang, a senior, is a Graphic Artist for The Oracle who creates any graphics needed to help understand and visualize the story. In her free time, she enjoys watching cat videos and movies from the 90s.

Sophie Fan

Graphics Artist

Sophie Fan, a Junior who has been on staff since Jan. 2020, is the Graphics Editor for The Oracle. When she's not handing out graphics assignments left and right, she can be found watching Among Us streams and browsing Depop.

Carly Liao


Sophomore Carly Liao is a reporter for The Oracle. She enjoys watching Parks and Rec and drinking boba with friends in her spare time.

Lise Desveaux


Lise Desveaux is a freshman and a reporter for The Oracle. She loves learning about new shows to watch on Netflix and to spend time with friends and family.

Vandana Ravi


Vandana Ravi, a freshman, is a reporter for The Oracle. She looks forward to learning more about - and helping to inform - the Gunn community through journalism; her free time is usually divided between music, family, and rereading...

Raphael Semeria


On staff since August of 2020, Sophomore Raphael Semeria enjoys listening to the stories of local community members on behalf of The Oracle. When he is not scrambling to contact sources, he can be found at a potter's wheel or...

Hila Livneh


Sophmore Hila Livneh recently joined staff in August 2020 and is currently a reporter. When she isn't trying to find sources to interview you can find her exploring San Francisco or in her room binging TV shows on Netflix.

Kristy Blackburn


Kristy Blackburn is in her 17th year of advising The Oracle and is always excited to see what new content her journalists create. She is also an active board member with the Journalism Education Association of Northern California....

Annika Bereny

Centerfold Editor, SEC Liason

Since joining the staff in January 2019, Junior Annika Bereny has helped design many a spread as a Centerfold Editor and gotten many a scoop as the SEC Liason. In her free time, you can find her drinking limeade or giving political...

Sophia Stern

Business Manager

Junior Sophia Stern is The Oracle's Business Manager for the 2020-2021 school year and has been on staff for two years. In her free time, Sophia enjoys playing lacrosse, discovering new music and going on hikes with friends.

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