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Get the inside Soup: Dohatsuten

February 3, 2017

written by Emma Chiao Dohatsuten Japanese Tapas and Ramen is located in a small lot at 799 San Antonio Road. Although it is much smaller than a typical restaurant, the interior design and lighting create a comfortable, familiar vibe. The first step was choosing a broth between salt, soy, miso, tonkotsu pork or vegetarian soy. I decided to order [...]

Megan’s Tips: How to get out of the friendzone

February 3, 2017

Written by Megan Li Find some one-on-one time: The easiest way to become closer with someone is to hold deeper conversations when it’s just the two of you. Jump at opportunities to do so, but don’t constantly attempt to create them. Search for compatibility: Remove any rose-tinted glasses and really think about whether or not the two of [...]

The Oracle staffers embrace blind dates: Janet’s story

February 3, 2017

Written by Janet Wang In the days before my blind date, I felt my anxiety kicking in. My only knowledge of blind dates had come from various bloggers depicting their horrible experiences of having a date with awful manners or one that ended up ditching and running away. I frantically texted friends who knew my date’s identity, but in the end, I [...]

Maintaining contact with college friends

February 3, 2017

Written by Grace Tramack Remembering all of the great times with my college friends before they left—traveling to swim meets, going out to meals, cooking together and spending ridiculous amounts of time together—definitely makes me nostalgic, but it is easier to deal with than I originally thought it was going to be. Our friendship takes more [...]

The oracle staffers embrace blind dates: Aleks’ story

February 3, 2017

Written By Aleks Tycz When first confronted with the idea of a blind date, I was doubtful because I’m not immediately friendly with new people. I worried that I would have trouble going on a date with someone I didn’t know at all. The potential of being matched with someone I didn’t click with was frightening, and I was doubtful of [...]

Oracle staffer goes on a blind date: Helen’s story

February 3, 2017

Written by Helen Nguyen, News Editor Helen’s tip: Always have an open mind. The whole concept of a blind date is quirky in itself. It encompasses two people who have been set up by a mutual friend, trying to finesse the night into a good one. From my limited knowledge of blind dates—from friends and the media—I gathered that they could yield [...]

Get The Inside Soup: Sweet Tomatoes

February 3, 2017

Written by Carolyn Kuimelis Upon walking into Sweet Tomatoes, I was instantly reminded of Fresh Choice– a childhood favorite of mine. Both are buffet-style restaurants that serve all-you-can-eat soup, pasta and salad for a relatively low price. With fond memories of Fresh Choice’s soup fresh in my mind, I had high hopes for Sweet Tomatoes. [...]

Staffer maintains global friendships

February 3, 2017

Written by Grace Ding Before Gunn, I had never stayed at the same school for more than two years. I left the Bay Area when I was five, and lived in Shanghai for three years. I was later in Beijing for four years until coming to Palo Alto in eighth grade. Through these experiences, I had a lot of opportunities to maintain long-distance friendships. [...]

Con: Are relationships in high school worth it?

February 3, 2017

by Joanna Huang Numerous hit movies and songs revolve around the thrills of dating and young love. If they are reflective of reality, then every high schooler could expect declarations of love, elaborate promposals and a relationship that lasts forever. Pop culture, however, can be deceiving. High school relationships are no more idyllic than any [...]

Tips to enjoy a California Winter

December 2, 2016

Written by Shannon Yang Drink hot chocolate and spiced apple cider to emulate a cold, snowy day. Explore Christmas in the Park in San Jose. Enjoy Great America’s WinterFest, where you can ride rollercoasters and listen to Christmas carols. Take a chilly but manageable hike at the Stanford Dish. Start a bonfire, eat s’mores and roast chestnuts. [...]