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B period BEAM students listen to a presentation by guest speaker Sky Runser about his experiences in marketing and project management. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Tim Sun Students and parents gather to enjoy free pizza and support club fundraisers during the TedXGunnHighSchool intermission at Palo Alto High School. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Janet Shea The Gunn cheer team kicks off the Spring Sports Rally. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Caroline Ro Seniors gather on the senior quad during lunch. #titanpod

Photo Credit: Maya Rapoport The sophomore Class Council has their first meeting after the long weekend. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Chelsie Park Senior Demario Williams fights for the ball in the boys' varsity basketball game against Westmont. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Lena Ye Cars wait for the light to turn green at a busy intersection on the first day back from President's Day weekend. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Ariel Pan Hikers enjoy a cloudy morning at the Stanford Dish. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Janet Wang The badminton team cleans up after a late practice. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Jackie Lou

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