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Juniors Amy Wu and Lydia Tsai vote for SEC officers before polls close at 3:40. #titanpod 📸 by Emma Chiao Students visit various employer booths at the Job Fair during lunch, ranging from Pizza Studio to Kidizens. 📸 by Shagun Khare Senior Jex MacGregor and freshmen Kida MacGregor and Zoe Springer discuss ideas for comfortable seating at the Gunn Campus Community Pop-Up on Monday. 📸 by Amanda Lee Senior Heather Chang performs Scriabin at her senior piano recital. 📸 by Stina Chang NIOS Week, Day 4: Students finish their murals and paintings for the NIOS Chalk Art Challenge. All of the artwork will be ready for students and staff to see tomorrow. 📸 by Shagun Khare NIOS Week, Day 3: Juniors Amber Solis and Kim Fenwick decorate cookies on the quad at lunch. The activity was hosted by Gay-Straight Alliance to increase education about gender and sexuality. (Swipe left for more photos) 📸 by Grace Ding and Shagun Khare It's that time of year again! 🏀 Submit your bracket at to win a $50 Poki Bowl gift card. (Link in bio) NIOS Week, Day 1: Seniors Zachary Weiss and Duchess Dankwah work together to paint a "Talk to Me" shirt for Not in Our Schools Week at lunch. Dozens of students convened at the senior quad to spray paint a design of their choice onto white t-shirts. The activity was hosted by ROCK. 📸 by Shagun Khare Today, Gunn orchestra and wind ensemble performed at the fifth annual Sonoma Invitational High School Wind Band & Orchestra Festival at Weill Hall. 
1st photo: Freshman Nina Chen opens her gift for the orchestra's Sonoma Snack Gift Exchange. 
2nd photo: Students have dinner at a local restaurant after their performance. 📸 by Amanda Lee

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