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Junior Julia Wu enjoys the rain after attending the Summer Opportunities fair. 
Photo Credit: Richard Yu Staffer stocks up on snacks for the upcoming SAT. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Sherry Chen Staffer enjoys steamed buns at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Sabrina Chen Junior Anjali Parikh and senior Claire Baker decorate cakes during the long weekend. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Cassie Bond Sophomore Stephy Jackson dresses up for Fun Sock Friday. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Sohini Ashoke Students work on a puzzle in the creative corner of the library. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Vibha Arun Got questions? Get advice! Sources of Strength is working with The Oracle staff, counselors, and Stanford psychologist, Moira Kessler, to get you, or someone you know and care for, the advice you deserve. To submit your questions, fill out the Google form at Some responses will be published anonymously in The Oracle, so submissions for the first issue of The Oracle 2017 should be submitted by January 18th. We will personally respond to everyone via email within a week. While you cannot submit responses anonymously, your published identity will remain unknown, so don’t hesitate to ask for help for yourself or a friend. 
Sources of Strength is an organization dedicated to educating communities about bullying, suicide, substance abuse and violence. Their lessons have already been integrated into TitanConnect. Visit their website at Students in AP Art Studio work on their pieces. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Zu Junior Charlotte Burkhard chooses a mat for FlexTime yoga. #titanpod 
Photo Credit: Sohini Ashoke

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