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Staffers critique various protein supplements

March 31, 2017

By Aleks Tycz Muscle Milk The flavor was the worst thing about the Muscle Milk. The drink tasted nothing like the advertised “vanilla creme”, and instead took on the flavor of expired milk. The thick consistency also contributed to the bad-milk vibe. After finishing the bottle I saw no gain in muscle mass despite the 20 grams of protein and [...]

Spring sports race through the start of their season: Badminton

March 31, 2017

Written by Amanda Lee The badminton team is enjoying early success, with a record of 4-2. Coach Marc Tsukakoshi believes that the team will do well the rest of the season based on their performance so far. “We played some of the stronger teams,” he said. “We haven’t played enough matches to get the full picture, but overall the team looks [...]

Senior Terrence Wu ranks first in nation for badminton

March 31, 2017

Written by Julia Cheunkarndee Senior Terrence Wu represented the United States at the Pan American Junior Badminton Championships and BWF World Junior Championships last year. Today, he is ranked as the best badminton player within the under-19 age division in the U.S. Wu moved from China to California in 2016. He picked up the sport at an early [...]

Club connects sports lovers together through interactions

March 31, 2017

Written by Eric Epstein The Sports Basement Club is a new club that meets on Fridays and on days with special sporting events in the Innovation Lab. The club is centered around the current happenings in the world of sports. “We usually talk about current events in sports which may be the NFL Super Bowl or [College Basketball] March Madness or [...]

Spring sports race through the start of their season: Swimming

March 31, 2017

Written by Ariel Pan Thee swimming team is off to a strong start following the boys’ team’s Central Coast Section (CCS) championship win last year and the girls’ team’s second-place finish. Although the boys’ team lost many seniors, varsity girls’ team captain Grace Tai is confident they will rebuild. “A lot of freshmen came up and [...]

Spring sports race through the start of their season: Diving

March 31, 2017

Written by Elizabeth Chung With a new coach and new members, the dive team is off to a great season. Coach Douglas Ward has been coaching diving for around seven years; he decided to take on the role for Gunn’s team primarily because of his daughter. “For some strange reason, she has become interested in diving,” Ward said. “The coach at [...]