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Winter sports shoot for CCS: Girl’s Soccer

February 3, 2017

written by Emma Chiao With eight wins and zero losses, the girls’ soccer team is currently undefeated and first in the Santa Clara Valley Athletic league. The team hopes to maintain that title and qualify for CCS for the fourth year in a row. According to coach Juan Mayora, the team had a rough start but has progressed as the season has gone on. [...]

Students share Super Bowl rituals

February 3, 2017

Written by Caroline Ro Every February, football fans nationwide turn their attentions to the Super Bowl, the annual championship game of the National Football League. The Super Bowl is viewed by more than 110 million Americans every year, making it one of America’s most watched televised events, with advertisement revenues exceeding several [...]

Junior finds motivation to exercise

February 3, 2017

Written By Aleks Tycz Finding motivation to work out can be a difficult task. Despite the benefits of exercise, we often create excuses to avoid the tiring work; we ultimately hurt ourselves in the process. Through swimming, I learned to maintain a commitment to fitness and improved both my physical and mental health in the process. The key to a [...]

Winter sports shoot for CCS: Boys’ Soccer

February 3, 2017

Written by Tone Lee This year, the boy’s varsity soccer team is looking to take down the El Camino league title. Currently, they are 3-3-1 in league play and 6-5-2 overall. “The season has been pretty good so far,” senior forward Leo Lindo said. “I definitely think we can improve in the second half of the season. I think one thing we need [...]

Fun, new sports to try

February 3, 2017

Written by Laurel Comiter Cycling A new fitness craze, cycling, has taken over in recent years. Classes such as SoulCycle and Equinox have become a new popular form of working out for several reasons. Cycling has been shown to release bursts of endorphins, chemicals which reduce stress and anxiety. Cycling also strengthens your core and gives you [...]

Sports Update: Girl’s Basketball

February 3, 2017

Written by Ryan Manesh The girls’ varsity basketball team has started its season with a 4-4 overall record and a 3-2 conference record. Co-captain senior Archer Olson is happy with the start the team has made, and believes the teams they have played have helped them improve drastically. “We played a lot of powerhouse teams in [...]

8Fit App Review

February 3, 2017

Bridgette Gong 8fit is a free workout app available on both Android and Apple products that offers both personalized fitness and a variety of diet programs. My  two weeks of experience with this app have been successful, as a result of the extra guidance from several helpful features exclusive to 8fit. The first step to using it is creating an [...]

Basketball Updates

February 3, 2017

Bridgette Gong   The Gunn 2016-2017 basketball season so far is one of hard work and dedication for the varsity boys. As last updated on MaxPreps, Gunn’s national rank has moved forward 792 spots and their state rank has moved to 50. This boys season is one of several changes and transitions. “We lost our best player Alex Gil last [...]

Athletes’ mentality proves beneficial during competition

December 6, 2016

Written by Grace Tramack Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra once famously said that “90 percent of the game is half mental.” Athletes spend hours and hours each week looking to improve their physical condition, but as recent studies have shown, what really can separate the good from the great is a refined mental attitude. Varsity tennis player [...]