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Fall season welcomes new coaches to sports: Boys’ water polo

September 15, 2017

Written by Chelsie Park Previously junior varsity water polo coach and assistant varsity coach, Peter Olsen is starting his first year as the head coach for boys’ varsity water polo. Swimming has been an important aspect of Olsen’s life since his childhood, and water polo added a more interesting and strategic element to just swimming laps. [...]

Should athletes be exempt from physical education? (Pro)

September 15, 2017

Written by Grace Tramack Exercising over six hours per day sounds insane, and it is even more ridiculous that this is a reality for some students. Currently, to meet the requirements of an Independent Study (a self directed class in which a student creates a project), a student must play a sport outside of school to get out of Physical Education [...]

Fall season welcomes new volleyball coach

September 15, 2017

Written by Kaya van der Horst       Nicole Christie’s youthful age has led to awkward situations in which referees mistook her for a player rather than a coach. Such humorous encounters will continue as Christie joins the Gunn volleyball team this fall from Palo Alto Volleyball Club      Volleyball has always been an integral element of [...]

Essential Nutrients provide benefits for athletes

September 15, 2017

Written by Emma Chiao Eating healthy foods before exercising can improve your workout, with the timing and specific supplements being important factors. The optimal nutrient intake before and after exercise can maximize its benefits and speed up the muscle recovery process. According to Sports Nutrition teacher Cindy Peters, the types of food to [...]

Should Athletes be Exempt From Physical Education?

September 15, 2017

By: Laurel Comiter Students who participate in athletics outside of school have busier schedules than the average student. ey have to balance school, homework, social life and sports—everything the average student must manage and more. However, this should not be a reason to be excused from participating in Physical Education (P.E.) classes. [...]

New Coach: Cheer

September 15, 2017

Ryan Manesh Assistant Business Manager New cheer coach Jazmyn Turner is ready to guide the team to many victories and prove that cheer is not just a show sport. In the past, however, Turner has had a love-hate relationship with the sport. She originally tried dance and cheer, and only tried out for her school team because her friend urged her to. [...]

Students make a splash in water sports: water skiing

May 27, 2017

Written by Clara Kieschnick-Llamas People strapping skis to their feet and flying across the water may not be a very common sport, but it has been in junior Mollie Sampson’s family for generations. For Sampson, water skiing became somewhat of a tradition and she skied for the first time when she was seven. However, prior to her first venture, [...]

Dangers of Dehydration, Importance of Drinking Water

May 19, 2017

Bridgette Gong Importance of Hydration Word count: 811 Section: Sports   As the days get longer, so do the opportunities for physical activity and exercise. While it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to prioritize health, it is crucial to remember to stay hydrated all the while, especially with the rising temperatures of [...]

NBA Conference Finals Predictions: Warriors

May 19, 2017

Written by Ryan Manesh When I think who will win the NBA finals this year there, is one obvious choice, the Bay Area’s own, the Warriors. The Warriors have a stacked team with four 2017 all stars, which is more than any other team in either conference. The Warriors are also going to be hungry for a win after the heartbreaking 3-1 choke.  The [...]