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Food Blogs; Julia Wu

May 19, 2017

Bridgette Gong Word Count: 552 Features: Food Blogs; Julia Wu   Junior Julia Wu finds a way to combine hard work with fun and enjoyment through her career as a personal chef. Her appreciation for cooking and food developed in her earlier years. “When I was young, my parents wouldn’t let me watch Disney Channel, so I would watch Food [...]

Non-profit 2Bikes supports sexual assault survivors

May 19, 2017

written by Sohini Ashoke Junior Rachel Barkin is involved in 2Bikes, a nonprofit organization supporting sexual assault victims and raising awareness about sexual assault while empowering individuals to stand up. Barkin’s goal with 2Bikes is to call attention to a new issue while keeping the angle pertaining to Gunn students. “I have always [...]

Students share cooking passions on social media: Alex Mei

May 19, 2017

Written by Carolyn Kuimelis We’ve all been there: you’re sitting on your couch watching Food Network, drooling over the mouth-watering dishes shown in slow motion, plated to perfection. Most of us can only dream of these gourmet meals as the sad, microwavable lasagna we prepared stares mockingly up at us from our laps. For sophomore Alex Mei, [...]

Teachers leaving Gunn: Jessy Li

May 19, 2017

Written by Kristen Yee The red window-flower decorated walls of the Chinese classroom will be a little more bare when part-time Chinese teacher Jessy (Xiaojie) Li leaves Gunn next year. She especially cherishes her relationships with her col- leagues and students during her brief time at Gunn. “[My colleagues] have been so nice and supportive [...]

Departing teachers share memories, future plans: Mark Grieb

May 19, 2017

Written by Jennifer Gao Biology and chemistry teacher Mark Grieb will be departing from Gunn next year to become the head football coach at Sacred Heart High School full time. In Grieb’s year of instructing three biology classes and a chemistry class, he has observed how hard-working and dedicated the students at Gunn are. “It’s been [...]

Departing teachers share memories, future plans: Navneet Schworetzky

May 19, 2017

Written by Katie Zhang After four years of teaching both freshman biology honors and marine biology, Navneet Schworetzky is going on maternity leave as an expecting mother in August. Even though Schworetzky is glad to take time off and rest for a few months before her baby arrives, it is still very difficult for her to depart from Gunn. “The [...]

Departing teachers share memories, future plans: Chris Horpel

May 19, 2017

Written by Katie Zhang After 40 years as a physical education (P.E.) teacher and wrestling coach, Chris Horpel is retiring. Horpel decided to come back to stay at Gunn after teaching industrial arts and coaching at both UCLA and Stanford. His decision to come back to Gunn in 2003 led him to continue to teach P.E. and coach wrestling at Gunn for 14 [...]

Teacher prom stories: Cristina Florea

May 15, 2017

Written by Paulo Frank For math teacher Cristina Florea, prom wasn’t just a night of carefree dancing, as she was tasked with the responsibility of planning the prom. “I was senior class president at Saratoga,” Florea said. “The president plans the prom along with the rest of the student government.” Though many would shy away from [...]

Teachers prom stories: English teacher Diane Ichikawa

May 12, 2017

Written by Jennifer Gao Prom askings don’t always go according to plan, and English teacher Diane Ichikawa’s was no exception. For Ichikawa, having a date was mandatory to attend Prom. “I did not get asked my junior year and I did not know anybody to ask, so one of my good friends and I went to a movie and dinner [instead of Prom],” she [...]