How to become Insta-Famous

1) Choose a “theme” for your Instagram. Do you like fast food? Are you a hardcore Belieber? Only post pictures relating to your theme.

2) Edit your photos like a pro. A famous instagrammer has on average 27 photo-editing applications. If you can’t use those apps, you should definitely hire a professional. Do whatever you need to do to accomplish your claim to fame.

3) Post provocative photos. Enough said.

4) Transformation Tuesday: Take advantage of this day by breaking up with your girl/boyfriend; post one pic of the two of you, and then one of you just by yourself!

5) Selfie Sunday: The more attractive you are, the more likes you’ll get. It’s a scientific fact.

6) Don’t forget to hashtag! #likeforlike #followforfollow 

7) Once you’re famous, you’re royalty. Treat your followers like the peasants they are.

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