Style the aftermath of No Shave November

The Soul patch is the area just below the lower lip, not including the hair over the chin. This is a little tuft that wavers in the wind as you embrace your inner peace.

Named after fictional Chinese villain Dr. Fu Manchu, this upper lip mustache grows downward in two long strands and hangs past the jawline.

Hulk Hogan, the monstrous wrestler, has made the horseshoe mustache his very own. The mustache sides go down until they hit the clean-shaven chin.

The imperial mustache dates back to the times of the historic civil war. Often found in many reenactments and theatre performances, this mustache is worn with a cleanly shaven chin and extends all the way to the side burns.

Named after painter Salvador Dali, this mustache is only on the upper lip. This mustache is made when it is waxed, and it is then pointed upwards towards the nose.

Super Mario invented this mustache, which looks like an upside down cloud. Any fan of Mario will recognize this ‘stache that will make them go Mamma Mia!

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