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December sports updates: Girls’ Golf

Written by Barrett Zhang

For the fourth year in a row, the girls’ golf team placed first in its league, having lost one game and tying one. To end the season, the team placed sixth in CCS.

One of the challenges the team faced was maintaining level-headedness throughout the season. Senior Tiffany Yang relates that not having time to practice during the off season affected her mentality throughout the season. “It was very challenging for me because I’m used to playing okay and I kept on thinking that I was playing badly despite the fact that I was not,” she said. The mental stress aspect of the sport proved to be the largest challenge.

Nonetheless, the team achieved its goals for the season. Junior Margaret Redfield is proud of the team’s record. “Our goal this season was to lose as few matches as possible, and for that we placed a lot of emphasis on every putt and it made a difference in the match,” she said. It was through the putt-shots and constant practice that the team has been able to achieve their record this year.

Having completed this season, the team looks forward to the next. “Although it was disappointing to get sixth in CCS, it’s okay because the team always has next year,” Yang said.


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