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Stuck in Summer Mode

Written by Yael Livneh

OK, so, apparently school started? It’s been maybe a month now and the 2016-2017 academic year has me whipped. Getting into the classic school routine is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever encountered. By the way, I’m 100% still in summer mode and I’m frantically trying to work that lifestyle into the new school year (PSA: not a good idea). Not sleeping on the weekdays and pretending like I don’t have homework, I need to dip out of this mindset as soon as possible.

Even though I have to get over it, summer was breathtaking. Every night I’d get picked up by a friend and we’d go out until a solid 2 in the morning. Gorgeous sunsets from Paly’s roof and In-N-Out milkshakes filled my days. Although it was the most fun I’ve had in months, I would not recommend hanging out to the extent that I did. Yes, turning up the bass all the way in a Subaru and listening to trap music for hours is incredible, but having to wake up the next morning at 7 because your parents “want you to get into the rhythm of school” is not.

So now school has started. If you haven’t already guessed, studying isn’t my strongest suit. But I have ways of streamlining the process. If at any point you were to glance at my music, you’d catch something like 15 playlists all labeled ‘studying’. Make one, slam it on, and you can envision yourself in a summer festival wearing a flower crown and flash tattoos as you calculate functions. Using a variety of these tricks I’m slowly shifting into a study-based, school-oriented mentality. Of course, I’m still not anywhere near outside of summer mode. As of now I’m getting pretty good grades and I can kind of run those two laps in PE, so where’s the harm in going out for boba one more time?

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