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Custodial supervisor: Luciano Hernandez shares past, plans for future

Written by Paulo Frank

Custodial Supervisor Luciano Hernandez has been working hard to better Gunn and its campus for a long time now, taking the helm of multiple important jobs. “I’ve been working here for eighteen years,” Hernandez said. “I make sure everything is coordinated with the office for every event, as well as making sure the school is clean inside and out.”

An important part of Hernandez’s job is making sure the school is stocked with enough supplies to run smoothly. “Someone broke forty soap dispensers across school,” Hernandez said. “I had to order five crates of soap dispensers.”

Other than work, Hernandez’s life is centered around his kids and sports. “I have two sons, one is nine and the other is twenty two,” Hernandez said. “At home I like to watch UFC and Raiders football.” On the active side of things, Hernandez enjoys getting outdoors with his nine-year-old son. “We like to go hiking and swimming,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez has created a tight bond with the community. “I love this school, I really like to work here,” Hernandez said. “I like the students, the people. My 22-year-old son graduated from Gunn.”

In terms of the future, Hernandez is happy to continue being Custodial Supervisor at Gunn. “Yeah, of course I’d like to continue here,” Hernandez said. “My plan is to see my nine-year-old son graduate from here.”

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